Mickey & Grace
 An outstanding professional duo based in Hampshire, Southern England.
" We love what we do, performing is our life!"
This dynamic duo travel
throughout the UK and  abroad.
Their superb cabaret spots and tribute shows  interspersed with wit and humour bespoke to
YOUR event. 
Grace  started her career many years ago as an actress. She has toured with many different rep companies and has regulary appeared on stage and screen. Her singing career has taken her all over the world and she has appeared in cabaret and supported many different famous names.  
"Grace reminds me of a younger Lulu!"
Freddie and the Dreamers
" Grace has got more balls,
  then alot of men I know!"
Kate Kopitz, Channel 4 Television
Question for Grace: Who has been your favourite person to work with?
Grace: "Wow I have worked with so many! ...Erm...  I suppose working with Peter Kay on Pheonix Nights was a real blast ...especially as I had to pretend the whole time to be northern, ...even off set! In my audition
he got me to stand on a chair and sing let me entertain you!!"
Excert from Interview with Express FM 
Mickey  again has a background in acting. His musical singing career has seen him touring the UK and Europe. Like Grace he has supported many famous names.
Mickey and Grace met in 2005, started singing together in 2006 and Married in 2007!

"Mickey Moon? ... He's the 
             King of Swing!"
          English Elvis - Step Right Back

Question for Mickey: Do you have a favourite performance?
Mickey: "Blimey again thats a hard one! I love every performance I do. But I suppose... supporting Jayne Macdonald was brilliant and she reallyis such a nice person, really down to earth, I liked that about her"
Excert from Interview with Express FM 
"We struck pure gold when we booked Mickey and Grace"
                                         Mrs J Hooper, Guildford - Anniversary Party 2008
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